Lake Garda Mountain Bike Trail


The area of Garda Trentino, at the turn of the Dolomites and Lake Garda has bike trails rich in attractions and provides professional assistance to all lovers of mountain biking. Mountain Bike paths are of the most varied imaginable and landscapes are postcard.

San Giovanni al monte difficult 29 1170 3.30
Monte Velo difficult 30 1020 4.00
Marocche medium 27 185 3.00
Malga Campo difficult 38 1438 5.30
Lago di Tenno medium 25 555 2.00
Laghel medium 30 310 3.00
Giro della Busa easy 18 150 1.40
Malga Grassi medium 29 983 3.00


     single track che unisce un ambiente naturale unico, tra le Marocche e le grandi pareti del Brento, all’emozione di inanellare curve e controcurve su un terreno ricco di piccoli ostacoli, tecnico e mai pericoloso
    lungo tratto in costa su strada sterrata ed acciottolata, con vista su tutta la conca del Garda Trentino, tra oliveti e falesie calcaree: sullo sfondo il Castello di Arco
    single track breve ma impegnativo; ai meno esperti è consigliata la bicicletta a mano, che porta sul fondovalle del torrente Magnone, e che si attraversa su un antico ponte in pietra
    lungo tratto in falso piano, tra fitti lecceti e vigneti; da non perdere la visita al canyon del Rio Salagoni, profonda forra intagliata nella parete calcarea ai piedi del Castello di Drena, percorsa da una spettacolare via ferrata.
    Difficoltà: Medio. Lunghezza: 61 Km. Dislivello: 1700 m. Durata: 5 h
    Nago: Parco Busatte / Riva: Spiaggia Sabbioni/ Tenno: Castello / Arco: Parco Arciducale / Dro: ponte sul Sarca/ Drena: Castello
    Dislivello totale:  1700 m – il percorso è caratterizzato da continuo alternarsi di tratti in salita e discesa
    - Itinerario circolare senza eccessivi dislivelli;attraversa l’intero territorio del Garda Trentino e della Valle del Sarca
    - una successione di ambienti naturali: dagli oliveti alle pinete, dalle falesie a picco sul Garda alle immense pareti del Brento
    - per oltre il 50% sentieri e strade forestali, dove gli appassionati di mountain bike troveranno terreni sempre diversi, mai di elevata difficoltà e di grande varietà tecnica



 From the Cross Country Freeride, from the Road Cycling Downhill, without forgetting the easier bike trekking:

The Garda Trentino, your bike is your steed, 12 months a year. A unique place to spend time in the saddle: the geology of the area, in fact, offers itineraries that start at 60 m above sea level and reach peaks of over 2000 meters, offering slopes and trails for every type of biker . Challenging climbs along the Monte Baldo, breathtaking descents on the slopes of Mount Altissimo, exciting slaloms among the glacial wells of Marmitte dei Giganti or relaxing rides along the 400 km of cycle paths immersed in green lawns, fragrant olive groves and fascinating historic centers. 



For the more daring climbers, but also for children and families who are willing to try new experiences, the Garda Trentino offers more than 1,000 routes for climbing. There are more than 400 routes equipped on behalf of the Autonomous Province of Trento and the municipal administrations, periodically checked to ensure maximum safety. Arco, birthplace of the sport internationally along with Nago, Torbole, Dro, Drena and Riva del Garda, offers incredible quality of rock climbers and a large number of climbing routes. In Arco, renowned throughout the world for its many sports shops, specialized in equipment and technical clothing edge, you will find everything you need for your performance. 



The winds that blow regular make every day perfect for a boat trip or windsurfing. The waves, never overly large, are suited to both beginners and experts. Lake Garda is recognized as one of the best race courses in Europe and has nothing to envy to the great international circuits. Riva del Garda and Torbole are mainly among the most famous locations for "down wind", also thanks to the quality of services offered, with schools and equipment hire of the highest level. Great importance has security, guaranteed by an efficient rescue service.



Driven by (5 to 12 m / s) or by the Peler (up to 15 m / s), windsurfing in Upper Garda is suitable for both beginners and experts. Riva del Garda, but above all Torbole sul Garda, they are the most famous places to "wind down" thanks to the quality of services: schools and hire top notch allow fun safely. These places are home for years major international events that attract surfers from all over Europe.



You need strong emotions? Again the Garda Trentino is perfect for you: throw yourself headfirst into the streams coming down from the mountains. Do it, but together with a guide centers canyoning during the summer organize daily outings. Canyoning is possible on Lake Garda and in the Ledro Valley. The paths are known to few people because the guides are possessive. Put on a wetsuit, a helmet and a harness with brave the rapids immersed in the woods, among the rocks, discovering an unknown world.



Between the lake and the mountain winds a network of scenic routes and overlooking the lake, perfect for outputs Nordic walking and trekking. Itineraries are alone or in the company of expert guides, through the woods and near the lake, encountering scenarios and exceptional paths with historical and artistic. Ask our reception paths and guided excursions.











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