Marco, an expert oil taster, will show you the wonderful world of olive oil. 

You will discover that in Italy there are more than 500 varieties of olives (!) and that the
is one of the fundamental parameters for evaluating the quality of a olive oil.

Through the comparative tasting of our extra virgin olive oil with other excellent oils from
Lake Garda and Italy, you will learn that:

each Olive Oil has a Perfume, a Taste, but also a Unique aftertaste.

the same olive variety produces oils with different organoleptic characteristics depending on
   the climate, the location and the soil in which it is grown.

* thanks to the lake that produced a temperate microclimate, in the Garda Trentino region,
   there is the Marocche area, where olive trees grow more northerly in the world.

Discovering Olive oil +
3 OLIVE OILS Tasting

45 minutes
(between 17.00 and 18.00)

25 € per person (min. 2 people)


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