The ancient Romans already had a name for the oil produced from the olives that grew on Mount Brione: in homage to its exceptional quality, they called it ‘Aurum Breuni’ (‘Gold from the Brione’). Nowadays, the Meneghelli family owns an olive grove (‘Barele’) at Poess, on Mount Brione, and produces a rare extra-virgin olive oil.

The tradition, we still applied, provides for the manual picking of olives and the next, immediate, pressing of the same in the mill of new technology involving the processing of olives, after the initial step of washing with water at different temperatures to preheat the olives, in the atmosphere with an inert gas so as to limit the oxidations dates from oxygen in the process of crushing and kneading.

Although this processing method is characterized by a lower yield, it ensures that the olive oil retains all the organoleptic characteristics of the olives, and has a very low level of residual acidity.

The oil "Aurum Breuni" can be purchased in Restel de Fer wine cellar, or in our ONLINE SHOP.



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