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Built on the traces of ancient Roman settlements of which there are some finds, the house,
antiquated and even solid, recalls the vicissitudes of people Rivana, but also the people
who loved and appreciated our land: from the great Italian poet Dante Alighieri, who had this to
say: "Suso in beautiful Italy lies a lake, at the foot of the Alpe that greenhouse Lamagna, supra
Tiralli, that has the name Benaco", the German poet JW Goethe, who praised our places.

"Restel de fer" is dialect word with which the Rivani (the inhabitants of Riva) called the wrought
iron gate that enclosed the estate of the family of Luttie of which my ancestors, since 1400
(date of construction of the house that hosts us) were the farmers.

Locanda Restel de Fer born as Farm, but also harbor and refuge for those seeking the
peaceful quiet of the countryside, shelter and asylum.

In 1965, Bruno e Lina Meneghelli, obtained the ownership of the house, they decided to open
up a tavern.
In the 80's the management passed to his son Enio Meneghelli with his wife Ida.
Over the years the Locanda has been restored maintaining the original features, provides a
complete range of tradition, quality and, certainly, even a little 'memories.

Today the management is passed to the third generation of Meneghelli, the children of Enio,
Marco and Chiara, who continue to produce extra virgin olive oil, (from the olive trees inherited
from grandparents), to propose hospitality for travelers who stop in this old house.




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